Since 1870 Egger has been producing fine, sweet delicacies and tasty cough drops at the production site in Vienna-Liesing. Egger always places great importance on quality, tradition and exquisite taste - characteristics that led to Egger being awarded an imperial and royal court title in 1907.

MinzeMint “Rachenputzer” - strong cough drops with Vitamin C
The genuine “Rachenputzer” are like their name, which approximately means throat-clearer, or hooch: Strong flavour, with selected herbs and plenty of vitamin C. “Rachenputzer” – they live up to their name! The herbal blend with the original “Rachenputzer” consists of eucalyptus, sage, thyme, peppermint, liquorice and star anise.  “Rachenputzer” is gluten and lactose free. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Cough stoppers
The cough stopper mix contains six different varieties of filled cough drops - for all those who love variety! The strong cough drop mix consists of sweet candy with honey flavour, soothing star anise drops, delicious drops with a malty flavour, original “Rachenputzer” drops, refreshing eucalyptus-menthol drops and pleasant mountain pine drops.




Milk Candies

Another specialty from EGGER are malted milk candies. A creamy taste with milk and butter, and the sweetness of the malted barley delights sweet lovers, both big and small.

Make sure you eat a varied, balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle. The positive effect attributed to this product is based on an assumed consumption of 1-2 drops per hour.

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