Whether in a practical bag or in the family box - the sporty fruit gums always look good and have thrilled both big and small for decades – for the past 80 years or so. The fruit gum with rough edges is always and everywhere a direct hit. Go for it with the sweet original!

The original sport gum delight in the flavours tangerine, orange, grape, raspberry and cherry. The candy classic is an original Austrian product and is produced in Vienna. Recently, the popular fruit gum is also available in the variety Sportgummi sour cola mix with cola, orange and lemon flavours. The Sportgummi is lactose and gluten free.

And how did the Sportgummi actually come by its name?
Shortly after its launch, the Egger Sport gum was still called Egger fruit gums. They were sold in small packets of 15 grams at public events. During this period the following promotion took place: Anyone who brought a total of 1,000 empty Egger fruit gum packets back to the factory got 1 kg of fruit gums free. Smart, young Viennese did not just collect packets emptied by themselves, but stormed the sports grounds and stadiums. After the game, the discarded fruit gum packets were collected, counted and brought to the factory in packages. These young people are supposed to be the ones who gave the Egger fruit gum the nickname "sport gums”. And so the Egger fruit gum became a part of Austrian candy tradition.

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